Most of your plans will fail, and that is ok

Earlier this week, I made the decision to pull Frugasaurus from self-hosting and back to free wordpress hosting. This came about after months of mental health challenges and not writing much, and so far the move has been entirely positive.

As with so many people, I had a tiny dream of making a small sidehustle income from blogging. But it didn’t take long to realize that I really am not that kind of blogger. Not a bad word against those who manage to make money on their blog, but I’m not the focused “find your niche” personality that seems pre-requisite.

I like to ramble. I like to write about the things I am thinking about without thinking too hard on whether or not it fits my blog’s niche. Heavily researched posts are not really my thing.

And perhaps, most importantly, both Mr. F and I have been fighting with depression for the last year or so.

Life as a single income household is taking its toll on both of us. We make do financially but Mr. F is struggling with the societal expectation of pulling your weight. And front-loaded work like writing is very much spending a lot of time earning next to nothing before you can finally publish your work. It is difficult to work full days and still be in low three digits monthly income.

And I admit, since taking on the full brunt of our expenses, it has been difficult to see more than 80% of my take-home pay go to bills, mortgage, student loans, and food, where I could previously save 40-50 % with ease.

Of course, we know we are lucky. Our finances are keeping us in the black after all. We don’t have to resort to credit cards, and we can save a little bit each month for our emergency fund.

But that is not to say it has not been challenging. Even if we believe with all our hearts that things will get better over time.

I will admit, there are times when I feel like a personal finance failure, because two years into discovering financial independence, we still don’t have a 3-6 months emergency fund in place. (but we did get a house, and our net worth is increasing, so it ain’t all bad)

So I pulled the blog. To save us that little $100 or so annually. Because anywhere we can find some room in our budget is a blessing. Any money we can save makes us feel a little more secure. 

I pulled it like I pulled my early soap making project and countless other sidehustle ideas before this blog was even conceived.

As the saying goes, you will fail nine times out of ten. And this is doubly true for entrepreneurs. Am I an entrepreneur? I suppose I am trying to be, although it doesn’t match up to the “apply for million dollars of investments for their life-changing idea” entrepreneur that the media likes to sell us on.

But FrugasaurusVault is making a steady trickle of pennies every month, and we are working towards an employer-free lifestyle. So I suppose, in our own little way, we are entrepreneurs. Especially because we keep trying.

On a different note, I am relieved to be back on wordpress.  The feed is full of friends and makes it easy for me to keep updated, the website is fast and responsive, and by gob – I can download and use the wordpress app to my phone again. It was something I missed the moment I went self-hosted and had not even realized I would loose once I moved.

So hello there, dear reader. It’s been a while. The Frugasaurus household will keep working towards tiny financial improvements and better mental health. It’s a long road, but we’ve got our entire life ahead of us.


10 Replies to “Most of your plans will fail, and that is ok”

      1. Thank you!

        We’ve been thrown a little out of whack with vacations and visiting family and stuff, but we are getting stuck back in real soon. Usually we just have a small bowl of sauerkraut next to almost any dinner we eat, so we have just gotten used to eating it every day.


  1. So glad to hear your words again! I am still self-hosted but I am able to use the WP app, I wonder why it wasn’t letting you do so.

    In any case, I’m glad to have you in any form because your life and thoughts are so interesting to read.

    Every few years I go around in a cycle of “should this blog pay for itself”? and sometimes it’s yes and sometimes it’s no and I don’t mind that cycle 🙂 I’d like for it to at least pay for itself but if it can’t and the money gets tight, then I’ll cut the costs some way too, like to WP instead of self hosting. For now, it’s my one hobby that costs money and it’s actually an intentional reminder to me that I don’t have to always and only make money, I can do things just for fun that cost money sometimes.

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    1. That’s interesting how you could still use the WP app. Mind me asking what provider it is? Mine was pretty crap, but I’ve heard lots of good things about Siteground.

      I hear you on the making money/not. I am generally happy not to get rich blogging, but when money is tight (and it is), I know where the priorities have to be.

      And thank you for your kind words. Makes me want to ponder and try to write something!


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